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Field Call Services

Whether you are seeking personal contact with a customer, confirmation of who is living at an address, or details about the condition of a property, ALSS can provide comprehensive information about a property and its occupants.

We provide a nationwide service and can attend any given address on an urgent basis.

Our specialist field agents are fully trained and accredited in field interviews, information gathering and assessment reporting to help you make an informed decision on how to proceed with your recovery, prior to commencing legal action.

Our agents are proficient in delivering information in a way that is both assertive and sensitive, ensuring that the commercial relationship you have with you customer is not jeopardised.

A personal field call may be the key to:

  • Re-establishing contact with your debtor;
  • Discussing the account with them;
  • Obtaining new contact details;
  • Confirming that they have vacated the premises;
  • Obtaining information on assets and employment; and
  • Getting them to pay your account.

Our field call services can deliver multiple benefits to your business. Not only can they result in the direct collection of the debt or negotiation of payment, they can also create an opportunity to ascertain a debtor’s capacity to pay, a perception of their attitude toward the debt, and an insight into any available assets. They can also provide critical information to assist in the legal process.

Our Field Service Objectives

  • Confirm customer’s address and residency status (owner/tenant)
  • Collect and update customer details to enable future enforcement action
  • Provide an assessment of the customer’s financial circumstances including assets and property owned
  • Negotiate payment of the debt by full or in instalments
  • Deliver any written correspondence (if required) to customer personally

We can provide customised reports to suit your specific needs, which at a minimum, include the following:

  • Details of date and time visited
  • Summary of contact with anyone present at the address supplied
  • General description of the premises, including an assessment of any visible goods or property

In situations where field calls are necessary, it is not unusual for your customer to have vacated the premises. In this case, our field call services incorporate the following deliverables:

  • Deliver any written correspondence (if required) to letterbox
  • Call all available contact numbers
  • Door knock a minimum of 2 neighbours to confirm occupancy at supplied address
  • Confirm to whom mail is addressed in letterbox
  • Obtain details of any forwarding address (if applicable)
  • Record description and registration number of any vehicles sighted on the premises
  • If house sold or selling, obtain contact numbers of real estate agent
  • If the customer is a company, obtain any business numbers displayed on signs or doors
  • Leave calling card to contact ALSS

We conduct field services on behalf of collection agents, insurance, finance and legal firms, and specialise in credit card recoveries, payment demands and arrangements, asset and financial status assessments, and location enquiries.

Why choose ALSS’ Field Call Services?

  • Access to an established panel of fully trained and experienced field service agents nationwide
  • Free up your internal resources to concentrate on your core business
  • Receive comprehensive reporting tailored to your specific requirements
  • Reduce potential write-offs
  • Gain better insight into your customer’s ability to pay
  • Reassurance that your reputation is in safe hands, due to our ethical and fair treatment of customers and their information
  • Effectively manage your costs with our competitive, flat-fee pricing model

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