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Sydney Process Serving

When it comes to process serving, you need a fast and effective service that you can trust to deliver your documents on time wherever you need in Sydney.

At ALSS, we tick all the boxes with our Sydney process serving.

All of our agents are well-versed in the rules of the service, fully licensed and insured to serve summons, subpoenas, family law documents, landlord and tenant notices, bankruptcy documents, examination orders, garnishee notices, statutory demands, and other legal documents.

How the Process Works

You will receive notifications on the status of your papers throughout the process, up until we serve the documents. We use specialised technology to keep all parties informed, meaning you never need to worry about being behind schedule. Our process servers in Sydney understand just how essential it is to be accurate and detailed in their affidavits and reports, and they work efficiently to provide courts with the appropriate evidence.

If you require expedited process serving, you can benefit from our express service. Our agents will arrive at your business place to take the documents and serve them within your tight timeframe, which can even be later that same day.

We also offer another service essential in Sydney process serving: if serving your documents proves impossible, we will provide you with statement detailing the steps we took. Our experienced process servers can then advise you on what action to take next, even in the most complicated of cases.

Advantages of Using ALSS for Your Process Serving in Sydney

When you choose ALSS, you will receive access to numerous qualified agents both in Sydney and in the rest of the country. We will handle the entire process for you, to prevent loss of productivity in your business, and will create a personalised service with your needs in mind based around a flat-fee pricing model — with no hidden costs. Lastly, whatever type of process serving your require, you can count on us for total confidentiality.

Whether your company is a financial institution, insurance firm, local authority, law firm, mercantile agency, or another type of business, you can utilise our Sydney process serving. Call us on (02) 9526 7100 to talk to one of our agents or submit a Process Service Request Form.